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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anderson's Buttercup - Ranunculus andersonii

 This was my first native wildflower I saw this year. I didn't know what it was, which I have to admit, made it extra special. Thanks to my friend Glenn, I learned it's Anderson's buttercup (Ranunculus andersonii) a member of the Buttercup Family-Ranunculaceae.

 It grows in the western U.S. and prefers sagebrush areas. The petals can be white or pinkish. The stamens and pistils are yellow. The flower is borne on a leafless stalk. The leaves are usually in a basal rosette, with three double-lobed leaflets at the end of a petiole.

 For more info about Anderson's buttercup, click here.

It sure feels good to have a new flower to add to this blog!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I've been seeing some great spring wildflowers already this year: Indian paintbrush (Castilleja angustifolia), Nevada biscuitroot (Lomatium nevadense), spiny phlox (Phlox hoodii), and more. I will try to get some photos posted soon.

If you don't want to wait, you can see some wildflower photos on my Desert Survivor blog. The wildflowers aren't the focus of those posts, but you'll be able to see where I'm finding them.

Thanks for stopping by. I have about 300 plants featured on this blog--only 700 to go!