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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Globe Springparsley - Cymopterus globosus

 Well, this was an unexpected find as I was wandering around the desert this morning. I could tell it was in the Apiaceae family, likely a Cymopterus, but I had never seen one before with such a round, ball-like cluster of flowers. Turns out it's not in the Snake Range flora, so it took a bit of searching to track down as globe springparsley (Cymopterus globosus).

 I liked how these plants showed some of the variations in flower (white and pink) and leaf colors (bright green and gray green). This plant only grows in California, Nevada, and Utah, and likes lower elevations. I found these about 5,100 feet elevation.

 A closeup of the flowers/seeds reveals cool patterns.

For more info about globe springparsley, click here.

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